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+Location: okinawa japan
+Sexual Preference:both ways work for greedy so what?:P
+3+ Favorite Bands: red hot chili peppers, insane clown posse,V N V nation
+Favorite Movie:fear and loathing in las vegas
+Favorite colors:black,lime green,and cobalt blue
+Favorite book:sweetblood
+Favorite Actor/Actress: actor-adam sandler actress-mira sorvino

Your Thoughts
+Abortion:i have 2 views.say rape,if the chick thinks its a good idea then let her do what she wants.and well if you're just a buttslut then no you deserve it,the kid didn't do shit you just fucked the fuck up in the first place.
+Gays:i have no problem with gay people.and i dont see why some people do but for some people its ths way they were can't tell someone that they are wrong if this is somthing they have been told all thier life they are right about something.
+The War:i really don't like war and i'm not tryin to sound like a hippy or anything but the reason im over here in japan is because the military stationed my family here.i have a huge distaste for the military because i have been surrounded by it my whole life.
+Drugs:well theory on drugs is,if you can balance your life with drugs and not mess it up,be my guest do whatever you feel like.just dont come crying to me if your life turns to shit because of the drugs, you had the choice.

+Where did you here about us? found a promotion on my friends lj.
+Promote us in a community and prove it right here:
here it is!!!
+At least 4 pictures of yourself...

ok im a cam whore so yeah here ya go

i think thats enough.
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