♥Shades of Black♥ (transparensee) wrote in candied_dollsx,
♥Shades of Black♥


+Name: Jane
+Location: Southern Cali.
+Age: 15
+Sexual Preference: chicks&dicks =D
+3+ Favorite Bands: Veruca Salt,Janes Addiction,RHCP (my taste varies)
+Favorite Movie: "Ameile"<3
+Favorite colors: colors only truely come alive when together...RAINBOW ISH AUSSI!~*
+Favorite book: Manga FREAK!
+Favorite Actor/Actress: Renee Zellweger

Your Thoughts
Situation makes a UBER diff. (example:rape=acceptable abortion|
example2:a fuckabout= Xp your fault,deal with-it...feel sorry for the
kid though)
+Gays: I can't really explain but I LOVE GAY MEN!(The
guys I know are flat out adorable and can be the best of friends)I find
women attractive,so there's an obvious feeling towards defending gay
marriage..i accept that others will NEVER accept the idea of  'same sex
relationships',not much I can do about their views other than to "try"
to convince
+The War: I haven't studied the situation enough to have an opinion.Things I've heard may not necessarily be true.
No problem with 'em really.I know people who do them,but it's not their
life.(heroin BAD!too expensive and just not worth the damage)

+Where did you here about us? sorta fell upon it searching interests
us in a community and prove it right here: i'm not in a community,so
here's a post in my lj

+At least 4 pictures of yourself...

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